Missionary Coordinator: Katrina Larson

Missions statement:
True local revival happens when we are unified together with the body of Christ throughout the
globe! We are very honored to have several PIM’s (Partners in missions) that we continue to
support through prayer and finances. While we continue to partner with missionaries overseas,
we are also reaching right here in our nation and within our local state to see that people are
evangelized with the great news! God has rebirthed a renewed vision for the evangelism of many
unreached cities right here in North America. Our goal is that our church will be a harbor to
empower home missionaries to continue launching to where we are first called: home.
Steps we have taken...
-Each quarter, we host a visiting missionary (local or foreign) to come and share their burden and
visions God has given them for their areas of calling. While we glean and learn from their
experiences, we do our best to provide a restful and memorable weekend for their family.
-We host dinner events with themes focused on the geographics and culture of visiting
missionary families, making time for Q & A. This allows for our own church to become familiar
not only with life in a different area, but also to learn of outreach methods and practices used by
our missionary partners.
-Our Kids Prayer program on Wednesday evenings focuses on educating our kids on obstacles
missionaries face on the field, followed by focused prayer times each week to pray specifically
for world needs.

If there was ever a time the fields were ready for harvest, it’s now!

~John 4:35 & 36~

God continues to broaden our vision as we seek His vision for growth in the Kingdom.
“The light that shines the farthest will shine the brightest at home.” -Oswald J. Smith, referenced

by Pastor Spicer