Jail Ministry

Leader: Jeff Hessel

We at Faith Temple Church have a desire to see the gospel preached to "every creature" (Mark 16:16). God has opened so many doors of witness for the church, for which we are grateful.

One such door is the Dubuque County Jail. We are allowed to teach Bible studies there every Tuesday evening. If you know someone who is presently incarcerated, encourage him to attend. We have seen God work in miraculously changing lives and destinies in some of these men.

We also minister at the Elm St. Facility (Half-way house). A Bible study is presented there every Thursday night. We also are allowed to bring residents there to our church services. We have witnessed God move on these lives by His Holy Spirit. Jesus said "No man can come unto me except my Father draw him." God's presence in making the difference. How about you? Come on out to experience what the Power of Love can do!!!

We thank the Dubuque County Jail and their staff for allowing this ministry to happen. Most of all, we thank God for continuing to open men's hearts and change lives. We look forward to great things in 2013.