Men's Ministry

Leader: Matt Spicer

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to minister and build leaders not only in our church and community, but also in our homes.




1. To build relationships among Christian men.

2. To become stronger Christian leaders.

3. To be more accountable and learn how to deal with today’s challenges of being a Christian man.


This ministry presents Men of like Faith the opportunity to gather and fellowship with one another. This ministry has been formed for men 12 years old and older. We have monthly Potlucks where we share Biblical Principles, have Activities planned in and outside of the church and plan Outreach Events to reach Our Community and those in need.

We would like to invite you to visit us during one of these meetings. As the Mens Coordinator for Faith Temple I Challenge our Young Men and Elders to go a step further each year in Our Commitment in Service to this Church, Our Families and this Community and most importantly Our walk with God.

Brother Matt Spicer